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Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet For GameCube

Megalong Games > Nintendo Gamecube > Adventure Games > Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet For GameCube

Rating: 2/10

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Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet For GameCube

Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet -

Dinosaur Planet is in trouble - huge trouble. A ruthless tyrant dominates the cowering tribes. Mysterious forces are tearing the planet apart. In a last act of desperation, Fox McCloud is called in. Because a planet with fear needs a hero with none. Wielding a staff of great mystical powers, Fox sets out to explore a world of breathtaking beauty and ceaseless danger. Star Fox Team veterans Slippy, Peppy and Rob the Robot provide long-distance support. Unexpected help comes from sidekick Tricky, the playful prince of a dinosaur tribe. Most intriguing of all is Krystal, a vivacious voyager from a distant planet. Her reckless investigation of a mysterious shrine eventually plunges Fox into a second huge quest.

Comments on Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet

Fox and his friends are cute,fuzzy creatures who have no more then 2 sec. of happiness for every hour.Weather you love or hate the past games,Starfox Adventures is a really great game with great graphics and lots of great land-scape for hours of great game-play.It does have a few flaws like 1.Sucky cheats, 2.A bad story line, 3.Not enough coverage,(krystal for-instance)Other-wise,An awsome

rating: -4
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I really love Starfox Adventures but Rare put some unappropiate this in it like Krystal,A loin-cloth and a bra?!?That's not really for right for younger players.I mean you can also go to the top of Krazoa Palace and see her thong!(see hints)I really hope Starfox Armada is better.
rating: 4
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I love Starfox Adventures,of coarse, it seems like a zelda game but I really hate The Ledgend Of Zelda games so Starfox is a great treat.bnr>
rating: 88
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You know you've played to little Starfox when... You think Fox is a character from Little Bear. You think peppy is a Pokemon. You think slippy is a new type of soap. You think Tricky is a board game. You think R.O.B. is a robber. You think krystal is a cave.

rating: 136
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Hints for Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet

While playing Krystal, at Krazoa palace, go to the far end of the left side(all the way)and go down the ladder,jump the cracks, and climb up the ladder,you'll come to a Bafomdad!(in case you die.)om/b

rating: -20
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The reason for Tricky's ball is so if you get tired of Tricky's colours, then use the ball to change them,After 10 turns or fetches.
rating: -9
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The cheat tokens are placed... 1.In the Thorn-Tail store lobby 2.On Ice Mountain.on the opposite side the warp pad is. 3.At cape Claw.After you get the portal device, head down to Cape Claw and go to the giant cannon(like in DIM)and shoot the bottom of the bridge. 4.In lightfoot village after your 1st time at OFPT,help all of the mama's and 1 will unlock the boost pad so blast your way to the forest.(Get the Bafomdad as well) 5.When you go to VFPT,get a moon seed and plant it at the bottom of the stair-well. 6.At the 1st Krazoa shine pad,Go to the left side and plant a moon seed. 7.After you reascue the gate-keeper of DIM at Snow-Horn wastes,swim down the river and at the end will be a well. 8.O.K. The last 1.(unless Rare says other-wise^_~) At OFPT, after you get the 4th spell-stone, get to the other side of the electric floor and head to the right.Use your portal device to get the well.

rating: -2
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To get out of the prison when you first reach Cloudrunner forretres, you need to first, push the block out and escape.Then,Go to the right side of the sharpclaw.Go AROUND the cages on the oposite side of the sharpclaw.Then,go down the ladder and move the fuel barrel to the windlift and step on the switch yourself.Get the suit and trick the sharpclaw and get your staff back. P.S.The baby cloudrunner in the cage is the oun you meet at Thorn-Tail hollow. P.P.S.When you get back to thorntail Hollow, Use your Booster at the enterance of the Thorntail store,and use the Cloudrunner flute to make the Cloudrunner go to the top of the mountain and get a Bafomdad!

rating: 11
Rate this hint - (1) useful OR (-1) a waste of time - votes left: 5

Well a glitch really,While at Cloudrunner forretres,go to the queen after you recieve the cloudrunner flute,use your zoom gogles and look up. Let the game idle for a bit the continue. You'll fall through the entire forretres and get stuck in the

rating: 31
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O.K. A glitch lightfoot village after you come from OFPT with the Cloudrunner Foretress spellston,Go to the tracking test and right after you begin,head back to the hut and try to go in... he,(the cheif) will say you failed and after the small cutsene is over,you will hear the music for the test but no timmer!P.S.If you compleate the teast,it will return to normal^_~P.P.S.I have not found any other way to turn it off other then restart the system/save,quit.
rating: 33
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O.K. This may be an old trick but when your at the thorntail shop,go to the game room, DON'T go in,face the 'wall' and walk straight in. in there will be a rock with 30 scarabs for you!rip

rating: 45
Rate this hint - (1) useful OR (-1) a waste of time - votes left: 5

When your at the top of Krazoa palace, go underneath the giant crystal and use your zoomgogles to look up, you'll be able to see Krystal's thong!P.S.this may not help you but it sure is cool!net><

rating: 82
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