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Superman The Man Of Steel for Xbox

Megalong Games > Xbox > Unknown Games > Superman The Man Of Steel for Xbox

Rating: 6/10

5349 votes  
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Superman The Man Of Steel for Xbox

Superman The Man Of Steel -

Superman, the world?s greatest super hero, faces his greatest challenge ever! Back for vengeance and determined to control Metropolis, super villain Brainiac 13 has unleashed an unstoppable army of robotic drones that destroy everything in their paths. To stop these drones from creating a giant Brainiac 13 monolith, Superman must travel to the far reaches of space and into the depths of the Phantom Zone. Back on Earth, Superman?s archnemesis Lex Luthor has designs of his own, and plans to use Brainiac 13?s technology in his own bid for world domination. This is a job for Superman!

Comments on Superman The Man Of Steel

every time i put in cheat for this game it dont workbnr.c

rating: 92
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