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Super Dropzone for Nintendo SNES

Megalong Games > Nintendo SNES > Adventure Games > Super Dropzone for Nintendo SNES

Rating: 3/10

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Super Dropzone for Nintendo SNES

Super Dropzone -

THEN... It was 10 years ago that the devastating robot wars of 2084 caused mankind to seek out new sources of minerals and fuel on other planets in the solar system. The first source located was on Jupiter's moon: Io, because way back in the 1980's we discovered active volcanoes throwing up vast quantities of enriched ore from deep within the moons core. Thus a handful of brave men were dispatched to Io to mine the planed and send the valuable minerals back to earth. But shortly after their arrival, a previously unknown alien intelligence on Jupiter, decided to rid the human invaders plundering their moon. So they dispatched wave upon wave of their most hostile fighting machines imaginable to wipe us out.

Meanwhile the men had built a single survival colony with a large Dropzone landing pad alongside and installed a planet stabiliser to prevent the volcanoes from erupting. All the men would roam around the hostile volcanic surface of Io in protective Enripods searching for its valuable mineral deposits. Your original mission was to protect them, as well as pick them up one by one and return to the Dropzone. You were equipped with a jet powered back pack with an awesome pulse laser gun.

NOW... it's 2095 and we have survived for over 10 years. We have managed to establish a base on 3 more of Jupiter's moons, known as Callisto, Ganymede and the ice moon Europa. We are slowly winning the battle in the hope that we will one day defeat the aliens command center on Jupiter and return to our home planet Earth as heroic space warriors with our valuable cargo.

You now have a heavily uprated Back Pack with a range of massively powerful weapons and a limited duration indestructible cloaking device, for use when dealing with difficult situations. The aliens have got nastier too. They have multiplied considerably and have evolved into many forms, each more relentless and hostile than ever before. Your mission starts on Io. you must protect and rescue the ten men assigned to each moon, and destroy all aliens you encounter. The level ends when all aliens are destroyed and all the remaining men have been safely taken back to the Dropzone. Failure to keep at least one man alive on the surface or in the Dropszone base, will result in the volcano stabiliser becoming disfunctional - causing massive eruptions all over the moonscape, making your survival onto the next moon much more difficult. On each level you must collect the Bonuses and Powerups to get the special weapons, vital to your survival. There are ten levels of action per moon followed by a final planet guardian. If you get past that you will warp on to the next moon. If you defeat all the aliens on all four moons you will end up on Jupiter itself, where you will face one almighty final onslaught and the mother of all planet guardians. If you survive past all of the you will have earned your reward of being trans-warped back home to our beautiful blue earth, 500 million miles away.


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