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Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64

Megalong Games > Nintendo 64 > Adventure Games > Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64

Rating: 8/10

28 votes  
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Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64

Donkey Kong 64 -

The world's most popular ape is back and ready for all new adventures. Many of your favorite characters from the best-selling series are back along with some new faces and a whole new look, one of the biggest N64 games ever created, with massive environments and huge boss characters that are bigger and better than ever, all of the power and might of the Donkey Kong Country series updated for the next generation, eight huge worlds to conquer and developed by the world famous game designers at U.K.-based Rare Ltd. and published by Nintendo. High resolution graphics and technology provide some of the most impressive visuals ever seen on N64 due to full use of the Expansion Pak. The Expansion Pak's four-megs of extra memory are required to play DK64, will come packed in with the game, second-to-none graphics, with dynamic lighting effects and extremely detailed environments and amazing texture quality and volume of game play truly pushes the N64 to its fullest potential.

Hints for Donkey Kong 64

How do you get the last key?

rating: -85
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To Get the last Key you have to make it up to K.Rools lair. From their you must Have 4 Crowns and the Rareware and Nintendo Coin To get the rareware coin you have to finish the game that cranky gives you after you get 15 bannana medals. To get the nintendo coin you have to finish The classic Donkey Kong game in Frantic factory twice because the first one is the golden bananna the second time it's the Nintendo coin. And behind the door with the 2 coin signs are is the last key.ri

rating: -50
Rate this hint - (1) useful OR (-1) a waste of time - votes left: 5


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