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Sega Dreamcast Shooter Games

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Shooters emphasize shooting enemies, whether they be human, alien or insect. These game usually employ a top-down or fixed side perspective. These games have a fixed playing area and the player has limited mobolity. Most of these games can be played (though not completed) in a matter of minutes. Some of these games do not even have a formal ending; instead they just get progressively harder. Another of the earliest genres, these types of games have fallen in popularity though they still have a strong hobbiest following.

A variant of the shooter is the Scrolling shooter or "Shoot 'em up". These emphasize fast-paced shooting or shooting and running. The targets may be intelligent or non-intelligent (as in Asteroids). This genre is somewhat muddled. For example, at what point does a shooter become a shoot 'em up?

To add to the confusion, there's another variation known as the Third Person Shooter. Third Person Shooters (TPS) employ a specific perspective for the player. This is normally just behind the game character, but it is sometimes an isometric perspective. Many of these games are classified in other genres as well (such as Tomb Raider).

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 Shooter Games    
 Quake 3 Arena for Dreamcast 7/10
 Tom Clancys Rainbow Six for Dreamcast 1/10
 Alien Front Online for Dreamcast 2/10
 Mars Matrix for Dreamcast 2/10
 Unreal Tournament for Dreamcast 8/10
 Confidential Mission for Dreamcast 1/10
 Fur Fighters for Dreamcast 0/10
 Red Dog: Superior Fire Power for Dreamcast 3/10
 Gunbird 2 for Dreamcast 3/10
 Spec Ops 2 Omega Squad for Dreamcast 2/10
 Silent Scope for Dreamcast  
 Bangi O for Dreamcast 3/10
 Wild Metal Country for Dreamcast  
 Vigilante 8 2nd Offense for Dreamcast 8/10
 Death Crimson for Dreamcast 1/10
 Cannon Spike for Dreamcast 1/10
 Soldier of Fortune for Dreamcast 7/10
 Charge Blast for Dreamcast 1/10
 Centipede for Dreamcast  
 Hidden and Dangerous for Dreamcast 0/10
 Aero Wings 2 Strike Force for Sega Dreamcast 1/10
 Air Force Delta: Deadly S for Sega Dreamcast 1/10
 Army Men Sarges Heroes for Sega Dreamcast 7/10
 Bangai -O for Sega Dreamcast 2/10
 Quake 3 for Sega Dreamcast 7/10
 Rainbow Six for Sega Dreamcast 1/10
 Rainbow Six Rogue Spear for Sega Dreamcast 1/10
 Red Dog for Sega Dreamcast 3/10
 RTR ONLY Gunbird 2 for Sega Dreamcast 1/10
 Silent Scope for Sega Dreamcast  
 Slave Zero for Sega Dreamcast 1/10
 Spawn In The Demons Hand for Sega Dreamcast 9/10
 Starlancer for Sega Dreamcast 2/10
 Toy Commander for Sega Dreamcast 2/10
 Unreal Tournament for Sega Dreamcast 7/10
 Vigilante 8 2nd Offense for Sega Dreamcast 7/10
 Wild Metal Country for Sega Dreamcast 0/10
 Zombie Revenge for Sega Dreamcast 6/10
 Confidential Mission for Sega Dreamcast 1/10
 Furfighters for Sega Dreamcast 4/10
 Giga Wing for Sega Dreamcast 1/10
 Hidden And Dangerous for Sega Dreamcast  
 House Of The Dead 2 for Sega Dreamcast 8/10
 House Of The Dead With Li for Sega Dreamcast 8/10
 Incoming for Sega Dreamcast 5/10
 Kiss Psycho Circus for Sega Dreamcast  
 MDK 2 for Sega Dreamcast 2/10
 Midway Greatest Arcade Hits 1 for Sega Dreamcast  
 Millenium Soldier Expenda for Sega Dreamcast  
 Outtrigger for Sega Dreamcast 9/10
 Best Prices on Soma. Purchase soma. 1/10

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