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Nintendo Gamecube Simulation Games

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Some do not consider simulations to be games at all, but rather "digital toys." Indeed, this is how Will Wright, the designer of the most popular video game of all time, The Sims, describes his games. These games aim to similate a specific activity (such as flying an airplane) as realistically as possible, taking into account physics and other real-world limitations. Some require a great deal of reading before the game can even be attempted. Some of these types of games, such as flight simulators, have a limited following, while others, such as The Sims have an enormous following, including those who don't even consider themselves "gamers."

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 Simulation Games    
 Top Gun: Combat Zones For GameCube 3/10
 The Sims for GameCube 7/10
 The Sims Bustin Out for GameCube 6/10
 Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life for GameCube 9/10
 The Urbz - Sims in the City for GameCube 8/10
 Medabot Infinity for GameCube 7/10
 The Sims 2 for GameCube 8/10
 The Sims 2 Pets for GameCube 3/10

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