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Xbox Strategy Games

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Strategy games focus on careful planning and skillful resource management in order to acheive victory. Classified as "thinking games," these products are targetted at teens and a more mature audience. Most of these games are turn-based as opposed to realtime, but there are some that are realtime or mix the two types of play (such as X-Com). This genre has had a consistent following since the mid-1980s.

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 Strategy Games    
 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic For Xbox 6/10
 Fuzion Frenzy For Xbox 3/10
 Dynasty Warriors 3 For Xbox 4/10
 Risk For Xbox 5/10
 Loons for Xbox 1/10
 Myst 3 Exile for Xbox 3/10
 Robot Wars Extreme Destruction for Xbox 4/10
 Whacked for Xbox 3/10
 The Sims for Xbox 1/10
 Jurassic Park Operation Genesis for Xbox 5/10
 Nickelodeon Party Blast for Xbox 1/10
 Shrek Super Party for Xbox 2/10
 The Sims for Xbox 6/10
 Yager for Xbox 1/10
 Tetris (Online) for Xbox 6/10
 Robyn Hood Defender of the Crown for Xbox 1/10
 Total Club Manager 2004 for Xbox 8/10
 The Sims Bustin Out for Xbox 7/10
 Worms 3D for Xbox 5/10
 Full Spectrum Warrior for Xbox 5/10
 Trivial Pursuit Unhinged for Xbox  
 Worms Forts Under Seige for Xbox 8/10
 CSI Crime Scene Investigation for Xbox 8/10
 Virtual Pool Tournament Edition for Xbox 5/10
 Worms 3D (Classics) for Xbox 6/10
 Worms 4 Mayhem for Xbox 8/10
 Full Spectrum Warrior (Classic) for Xbox 3/10
 The Sims Bustin Out (Classics) for Xbox 2/10
 Battlestations Midway for Xbox 2/10
 Bicycle Casino 2005 for Xbox  
 World Poker Tour for Xbox  
 Shattered Union for Xbox 1/10
 World Series Of Poker for Xbox 4/10
 Ultimate Pro Pinball for Xbox  
 World Championship Poker 2 for Xbox  

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