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PC Unknown Games

Megalong Games > PC > Unknown Games

A holding area for those games I haven't gotten around to classifying as yet.

 Unknown Games    
 Sim Mania Pack 2 Compilation 2/10
 Unreal Tournament 2003 2/10
 Need For reading  
 Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Wacky Worlds (Add On) 2/10
 Dog Fight Battle For The Pacific (Budget) 3/10
 Disneys Brother Bear (Disney) 5/10
 Disneys Lilo And Stitch Trouble In Paradise (Disney) 6/10
 Disneys Royal Horse Show (Disney) 2/10
 Disneys Tarzan (Disney) 5/10
 Disneys Tiggers Honey Hunt (Disney) 6/10
 Extremely Goofy Skateboarding (Disney) 8/10
 Pearl Harbor Strike At Dawn (Big Byte) 5/10
 IL 2 Pacific Fighters 5/10
 Gorky Zero 0/10
 Mortyr 2 5/10
 Wings Of Power (Add On For Microsoft Flight Sim 2004) 2/10
 Kohan 2 Kings Of War + FREE Control Pad 5/10
 Vietcong Purple Haze (Original + Exp) +FREE Control  
 Battlestations Midway (DVD ROM)  
 Conflict Vietnam  
 Demon Stone: Forgotten Re alms 1/10
 Shellshock Nam 67  
 Second Sight  
 Heroes of the Pacific  
 Falcon 4 Allied Force 4/10
 Strike Fighters Gold 7/10
 Battle Of Britain 2 0/10
 Dark Reign  
 IL 2 Air Combat Collection (DVD ROM) 5/10
 Blazing Angels Squadrons Of WW2 (DVD) 2/10
 Dungeons & Dragons Online Stormreach Collectors Edition  
 Defender Pro 10 in 1  
 Defender Pro 15 in 1  
 Defender Pro 5 in 1  
 King Kong Activity Centre (Budget)  
 Rayman 10th Anniversary (Budget)  
 June Sale Bundle  
 Financial Year Sale Bundle (38 titles)  
 Star Wars Activity Centre (Budget)  
 Heart of Iron (BB) 1/10
 Junior Board Games (BB)  
 Poker Masters (BB)  
 The Ultimate TV & Film Quiz (BB) 1/10
 15000 Business Images  
 15000 Educational Images  
 Oxford Reference Suite  
 Photo Clip Art 10000  
 Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses 1/10
 Barnyard 2/10
 Barbie Diaries 1/10
 Company of Heroes 2/10
 Hasbro Classics (Yahtzee, Parcheesi, Aggrav)  
 Hasbro Words (Boggle, Upwords, Hangman, Word Hunter) 0/10
 My Little Pony The Runaway Rainbow  
 Pimp My Ride 2/10
 Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption Exp 0/10
 Star Wars Galaxies Collection 2/10
 Tonka On The Job  
 Video Ezy August Sale Bundle 1 2/10
 Video Ezy August Sale Bundle 2  
 Galactic Civilisations 2  
 Hotel Giant  
 Swat 2 (BSS)  
 Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 0/10
 War On Terror  
 Chessmaster 10th Edition (That's Hot)  
 Caesar 3 (BSS)  
 JumpStart Advanced Study Helpers  
 Paraworld 2/10
 Silent Hunter 3 (That's Hot) 0/10
 Barbie Collection  
 Chris Moneymaker's Poker Championship (Budget)  
 Crystallize (Budget)  
 Lets Ride Corral Club (Budget) 2/10
 Lets Ride Rosemount Hill Collection (Budget) 2/10
 Settlers 2 The 10th Anniversary 3/10
 Ultimate Mahjongg 15 (Budget) 1/10
 Ultimate Solitaire 750 (Budget)  
 Age Of Empires 3 The War Chiefs 3/10
 Commandos 3 (Heroes)  
 Dinosaur Activity Studio  
 Flight Simulator X  
 Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition  
 Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (Platinum)  
 Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (Heroes)  
 The Sims 2 Get A Life  
 The Sims 2 Holiday Stuff Pack Bundle (Original +Add-On) 2/10
 The Sims 2 Holiday Stuff Pack (Add-On)  
 Wildlife Park 2  
 Zoo Tycoon 2 Marine Mania (Expansion Pack) 1/10
 Zoo Tycoon 2 Zookeeper Collection  
 Barbie Collection 2  
 Barbie Diary Mysteries  
 Civilization 4 Collectors Edition Tin Box (DVD)  
 Company of Heroes Tin Collectors (PRE ORDERS ONLY)  
 Call of Juarez  
 Extreme Gamers 6 Pack  
 Frater 1/10
 Medieval 2 Total War  
 Rome Total War Alexander (addon) 1/10
 SpongeBob Squarepants Nighty Night Nightmare 2/10
 Ship Simulator  
 Star Wars Best Of Collection  
 The Sims 2 Double Pack  
 The Sims 2 Expansion Compilation 2/10
 Virtual Skipper Americas Cup  
 WarWorld 1/10
 World Series Of Poker Tournament of Champions  
 Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe (Add On)  
 Horsez 2/10
 Runaway 2 The Dream Of The Turtle  
 Sonalyst Naval Pack  
 X3 Reunion GOTY Edition 1/10
 The Sims 2 Double Pack (Sims 2 + University) 2/10
 Anno 1701 1/10
 Charlottes Web Activity Centre  
 Darwinia / Uplink  
 Family Board Games (BB)  
 Myst Complete  
 My Pony Stables (BB)  
 Pro Cycling Manager 2006  
 Sudden Strike (BB)  
 The Ultimate Music Quiz (BB)  
 The Ultimate Trivia Quiz (BB)  
 Wings Over Europe  

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