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Platformers, also called side-scrollers, view the game area from a side or "cutaway" perspective. In these games, the background or playing area smoothly scrolls as the player moves about, hence the name. These games are traditionally 2D, but some have employed 3D computer graphics effectively. Traditional elements of these games include running, jumping and some fighting. Side-scrollers were some of the first types of video games and are still popular today, usually with younger players.

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 Platform Games    
 Ape Academy for PSP 1/10
 Namco Museum: Battle Collection for PSP 0/10
 Kao Challengers for PSP 2/10
 Space Invaders for PSP  
 Ape Escape P for PSP 5/10
 Gottlieb Pinball Classics for PSP 6/10
 Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play for PSP 1/10
 Mega Man Maverick Hunter X for PSP 2/10
 Megaman Powered Up for PSP 3/10
 Worms Open Warfare for PSP 6/10
 Exit for PSP 1/10
 Daxter for PSP 2/10
 Me And My Katamari for PSP  
 Capcom Classics Remixed for PSP  

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