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Nintendo SNES Racing Games

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Racing games are one of the most traditional of computer game genres. They typically place the player in the driver seat of a high performance vehicle and require the player to compete against other drivers or sometimes just time. Emerging in the early 1980s, this genre is still very popular today and continue to push the envelope in terms of graphics and performance.

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 Racing Games    
 Super Mario Kart for Super Nintendo 9/10
 Rock 'n Roll Racing for Super Nintendo 7/10
 F-Zero for Super Nintendo 5/10
 Dirt Trax FX for Super Nintendo 2/10
 Redline: F1 Racer for Super Nintendo 1/10
 Biker Mice from Mars for Super Nintendo 6/10
 Power Ranger Zeo: Battle Racers for Super Nintendo 3/10
 Battle Grand Prix for Super Nintendo 3/10
 Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top for Super Nintendo 3/10
 Speed Racer for Super Nintendo 2/10
 Road Riot 4WD for Super Nintendo 0/10
 RPM Racing for Super Nintendo 5/10
 F1 Pole Position for Super Nintendo 2/10
 Street Racer for Super Nintendo 6/10
 Stunt Race FX for Nintendo SNES 6/10
 Full Throttle for Nintendo SNES 1/10

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