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PSP Role Playing Games

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Role-Playing Games (RPG) place the player in a fantasy or science fiction setting. Most of these games are similar to traditional role-playing games played with pencil and paper (such as D&D) except, in this case, the computer takes care of all the record keeping and deterministic elements such as die rolling. Most of these games have the player acting in the role of an "adventurer" who specializes in a certain set of skills (such as combat or casting magic spells). These skill sets are normally called classes and players can normally control one or more of these characters.

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 Role Playing Games    
 YS VI The Ark Of Napishtim for PSP 6/10
 Untold Legends Brotherhood Of The Blade for PSP 6/10
 X Men Legends 2 Rise Of The Apocalypse for PSP 6/10
 Tales of Eternia for PSP 6/10
 Breath of Fire 3 for PSP 6/10
 Monster Hunter Freedom for PSP 6/10
 Untold Legends 2 for PSP 6/10
 Astonishia Story for PSP 6/10
 Popolocrois for PSP 6/10
 Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest for PSP 6/10
 Winx 2 for PSP 6/10
 Marvel Ultimate Alliance for PSP 6/10
 Brothers In Arms D Day for PSP 6/10
 Prince Of Persia Revelations for PSP 6/10

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