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The Xbox is Microsoft's game console, released in November 2001. It is Microsoft's first independent venture into the console arena, after having collaborated with Sega in porting Windows CE to the doomed Sega Dreamcast console. The price is currently $A320 ~ 179 USD/EUR (or 129 GBP). Highlight release titles include Dead or Alive 3, Oddworld 3, and Halo Project Gotham Racing.

Xbox' architecture consists of a PC. It has an Intel Pentium III processor clocked at 733 MHz and an NVIDIA graphics processor. The processors share 64 MB of system RAM. Storage includes a DVD-ROM drive and a hard disk.

Critics have speculated that the Xbox is Microsoft's attempt to monopolize yet another technology market. As of August 2003, the Xbox's market share of the global games console market has far surpassed that of Nintendo's Gamecube, and only lags behind Sony's dominant Playstation 2. This is in-line with Microsoft's original assessments, however, predicting that they would not make a profit on the XBox for at least three years after its debut.

In 2001, Microsoft released the hugely successful online gaming service "Xbox Live" which quickly became the defacto standard for online gaming. Third party services for online play also exist.


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